Friday, April 29, 2011

The couple on the coral reef.

And now for some of my favorite images I've been waiting to show you for what seems like forever.

Kara and Levi ventured where you wont get many couples to go... and I'd say it paid off! 

I love how you can see under the coral all the way through. 

Kara's favorite Color being blue, I thought it fitting that she got to have the most beautiful blue sky day for her wedding. It was perfect! 

Canvas, anyone? Seriously, 24x36" would be killer!!!! Oh my word! Think of the conversations you would have every time you had people into your home or office. 

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Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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  1. Nice photos! A beach wedding would be soo much fun!

  2. what lens did you use? and do you ever use zoom lens


  3. Awesome.. I am amazed at every one of your posts.. Beautiful!

  4. Thanks Katie!! Wow. I'm glad you like them!