Monday, May 2, 2011

Why can't I see my friends on facebook?

I've gotten a lot of invites to groups, events and farms on Facebook on how to see your friends again, but am yet to see a simple video walking you through what to do to change up your settings on Facebook to see all your friends again. 

So here is how to see your friends on facebook again. Not just 10 or 20 of them.

Please share with your friends ... the 20 that can see you on facebook and give them their freedom back. lol. Hope this was helpful! 

And tomorrow I'll share the awesome story behind this image. LOL!!!! Stay tuned! I'm leaving tomorrow for the Twin cites to teach a 2 day Photography by Britton Workshop up there but I'll publish the post from my phone tomorrow. It will be great!

Btw, Don't forget to sign up for my Photography by Britton workshop in Chicago May 18. There are still 4 spots left. Only $200 for all day. Just send me a quick email. while there are still spots left. Check it out here now!

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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  1. Thanks a million! Can't wait to read the story. :) And it really stinks that I'm going to be in Chicago on May 18 and can't make your workshop. :P I'm keeping an eye out for the Dallas one. ;)

  2. WHAT!!! Bethany! For reals? You can't make it? That stinks. LOL. Dallas, there is yet hope for Dallas, but I would need at least 5 people to commit before I could do it. Let's work to that end though. Maybe you could get a group of your local photographer buds together and we could just do it. That would be sweet!

  3. I know, it truly stinks! There may be a slight, slight chance that I could make it. If you still have spots, would signing up at the last minute be okay? Yes, I've been working on my photographer buds. I don't think I could get that many together this summer, but maybe this fall?

  4. Hey, that would be cool!

    And yeah, as of now there is still 4 spots available. Shoot me an email at and I'll send you my number so you can just call me on that last minute and see if it will work out for you.

  5. Wow. Awesome, thanks! I hadn't even realized that they did that. Thanks for the tip

  6. That is a super fun picture!!