Monday, April 11, 2011

The reveal...

Something that is becoming very popular with a lot of my couples is 
"The reveal" or as some might call it, "The first look." 
It is where the couple takes a few moments before the ceremony and have a romantic moment between the two of them alone and it's the first time the groom sees his Bride in her wedding dress.

It's a really personal time that I've had so many of the brides I photograph tell me that the photos from this are some of their very favorite images. 
A lot is happen in these small moments. And it's really hard to describe in words what is truly a beautiful thing between two people who are about to commit their lives to each other in one of the 
most holiest of things they can ever do. They are about to get married.
 It's one of the biggest most life changing moments of their lives. And this is the moment that the bride dreams of her whole life, the moment her groom will see her adorned for him as his bride.

Can you feel the anticipation building? 


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Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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  1. Beautiful!!! What a wonderful moment to share with us! I love them all!


  2. Awe! Im so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks CB for commenting!

  3. Those last 2 on the right side are ...I can even think of an amazing enough word... they are perfectly captured moments in time.

    Thank You Most Sincerely,