Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just a glimpse at LouAnne & Mike's day...

It was an evening that was warm with a nice breeze. The Sun was dancing in and out of the clouds sending it's rays of golden light down and play in their hair and the grass on the beach. 
~ It was perfect in every way. ~
The Illinois Beach Resort was the place to have a beautiful wedding! 
I could see getting used to photographing weddings here. It's just a magical place that I believe helps a couple truly enjoy their day even more. 
Mike and LouAnne have a love that's pretty remarkable in the way they love each other. 
They were so much fun to photograph as they were so natural with each other!
 I would barely give them direction in what to do and they knew how to pull it off the rest. 
(I might ask if it's okay to pass their number out to more awkward couples. lol. JK.) 
But seriously, it was a total blast! They just loved each other so much and everything that was going on. Talk about one fun day! Anyways, this is just a glimpse, remember? So here are a few pictures! :)

Enjoy and please feel free to comment with your thoughts! I would love to hear them! 

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This is probably one of my top 10 favs from this wedding. 
(WOW! I LOVE THIS! Okay, shhh. I'm good. Controlling myself here. lol)

Mike is a big fan of Pines... so we rocked out some sweet action for him too. :) 

Stay tuned for more amazing images coming soon! 

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Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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  1. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Britton you do such an amazing job! ;)
    I love all three, but truly love how you captured the clouds above Mike and LouAnne in the first pic! Can't wait to see more!


  2. Fantastic pictures...as usual! :) I think the first one is my favorite..but the second one is pretty close! :) Great Job :D

  3. I love the feeling that is created in the first two images, they are both stunning photographs. It almost makes me feel guilty looking at them, because I feel like I'm snooping and taking a peak inside their relationship, and I don't know them! How cool to have created such a personal feel to your photographs.

  4. Britton,
    Were do I start... these are only three of the images from our wedding day & they are breath taking! I cant thank you with words on how thankful I am that you made this possible for us to have your wonderful talent take our photo's. I thank god that I found you at Amber's wedding I couldn't even image you not being there for Michael & I. You made it so easy for us to be ourselves ( no awkward times or pressure to hurry ). Many people came up & said how wonderful you were & how they couldn't get over how you were rolling around in the sand lol. ( They have never seen a photographer go above & behind for a couple ) I really wish you all the best of luck with your work. God is with you all the way Britton you can see it & it's because you love what you do your not there to just get the job done & leave.

    The Bride LouAnne Stockdale

    **If anyone is looking for someone to capture any special moment in life I would pick Britton he puts so much love into his work & it shows.

  5. Thanks everyone for commenting!!! I'm blown away by your thoughtfulness!

    LouAnne, I am totally dumbfounded. You just blessed my heart like crazy! Thank you so much! It was my honor and delight to photograph and save one of the most beautiful moments of your's and Mike's life. I have a new passion in my photography since I've been engaged to the most wonderful girl I've ever met. And I'm so glad to see it coming out like this!

    You and Mike have a love that is truly remarkable! Keep it up! God bless you and your family! :)