Thursday, March 11, 2010

I need your vote!

Or maybe I can decide but I want to hear which one you all like better. Please vote! I'll give you a cool sticker if you do that says "I voted today."  Please, it's your duty as a reader of my blog to participate.

The chocolate


The Color
I'm anxiously awaiting your votes!

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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Something Amazing!


  1. I like the color. It draws more attention to the couple I think.

  2. color!

  3. Color for sure! Now where is my sticker?!

    -Sabrina Hartzler

  4. I think I'm going to say color. :) [though the b+w is cool because of the contrast.]

  5. I would tend to gravitate to the chocolate for this particular photo but looks like I'm going against the grind if I do! :P lol

  6. The COLOR is AMAZING.!Color for sure!

  7. I actually would agree with Leslie...i like the chocolate better. The colors are great in the other one, but i like the mood that the chocolate one sets. -Emily

  8. I personally like the the color better,Though the chocolate looks great too.
    I'd have to vote color.

    Eli D. McDonnell

  9. Color. The green looks so vibrant! (And you know how much I love B&W or sepia tones!) :-D

  10. Color because it feels warmer and living, while the Chocolate feels more reminiscent. Both are so beautiful but I would have to vote color.

  11. I say was a tough choice, but I like the "memory lane" feeling of B&W.

    If they were coming towards the camera and you could see their faces, I would say color would be better.

    Thats my two cents worth.

  12. I love the color one, very nice. Vivid colors... love it!

  13. The colour is beautiful, but you are wanting the people to come out, and the colours of the trees sort of take that away as they are so colourful themselves. So I say the chocolate.

  14. The Color is Beautiful! But I'm leaning more towards the Chocolate one.

  15. I'd say the color, because it is so full of vibrant vitality! ~Benjamin G

  16. The chocolate one is great and it drowse your eye s to the people more but I love the life and heart that comes out The Color one. The Color is my vote!!

  17. I like the chocolate better, especially if you want a more subdued mood. The color totally changes the feel to a happy summer day feel.

  18. chocolate...Ha Ha

    I vote for the chocolate. It sets a mood.

    I really do love the color in the trees however.

    Cousin Barb

  19. COLOUR! life! haha the chocolate one looks like it could hang in a frame, but i like the colour one nicer :P

  20. The black & white makes me feel like the guy might need a jacket, but the color one makes me feel that it is a beautiful day, and you can almost smell the rain that just passed.

  21. Between the votes I received on my facebook fan page ( and here I do believe that the color is the overwhelming favorite.

    So far the vote goes like this.
    Color: 29 votes.
    Chocolate:16 votes.

    I originally shot this image with a chocolate type effect. But I enjoy having my camera set to RAW + JPEG. (For those of you confused at this point, I'm taking two images at a time in two different formats.) This enables me to shoot in black and white and then convert to color from there. All the information of the original image is saved in the RAW format. The JPEG is final and I can't really do anything to it afterwards.

    Thank you all for voting! I wish my blog could always be so interactive!