Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Konner's birthday!

Today is my brother's birthday! Yes, that means we are very excited and today we will be partying all day. So, I hope your day is filled with excitement too.

Konner at Clearwater Beach

Konner at San Jaun 
(I know this image was in a previous post, 
but it deserves to go up again.)

Konner at an orphanage with me in Malaysia, 2008.
(He's a master with the Rubic's cube. I think he has one cube that's 7x7 instead of the normal 3x3.)

He's praying about going back on the Southeast Asia CI trip again this year as well. 

As I've mentioned why in more detail in my recent post. I've put this up for auction to raise support for the members of this year's team. All the proceeds will go straight to the SEA 2010 team. Bid on this framed (black frame), display-ready image of Donner Lake by clicking here. If you click back a few post you will actually see several more post about the ministry opportuninty I'm referring too. 

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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    Hope It Was Awesome!

    Eli McDonnell

  2. Have a happy birthday filled with Rubic's cubes and aviators! :P I want to see a picture of the 7x7 one...