Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Again, I am sharing with you few more tidbits of our trip to Southeast Asia as a team. Again, I think I will just post several images and leave what memories of have of each under the image. This are just some of the extra things we did in Singapore. Kind of a random lot of images and stories.

This was a picture that Andrew and I did the first morning we arrived in Singapore after a rough 23 hours in the air. We were so excited about the trip and all that the Lord was going to be doing we couldn't sleep in. 

It was a beautiful morning full of excitement. It had been three years since I was last in Singapore and I couldn't wait to see what the Lord had in store for us on this trip.

The rest of the team arrived a day or two after the Staff did. It's amazing how this team becomes family to you. Leaving you never wanting to say goodbye. 

We went to a day care once actually and did some large group lessons and skits for a couple hours. This  broke us out of our comfort zones for sure. But we all knew we weren't there to do easy things. God is shown  most powerful when we are weakest.  

We spread out throughout that room to help bring some form of order to an otherwise completely uncontrolled room. The staff that normally works here brought all the kids in to this huge room for us and just walked out. So, we took over! It was so good for us all. I think we were all a bit nervous too if I remember correctly. Andrew Jorgensen (Team Leader) and Laura McCloy (Song Leader) desided it would be good for the different team members to step up to the plate and take charge. It was too watch the creativity of the team as we put our heads together and figure out a game plan. 

I love this image. Out of all the pictures from that morning I think this one captured it the best. It totally made me laugh. And I knew I had it the moment I click the shutter on my camera. Between the team shirt in the background, and Kristin's face being the only thing that isn't moving around like crazy . . . yeah. it was cool! Those kids had some serious energy. And like a brave warier Kristin was right in the thick of it. 

Can't you just hear that kiddo top center dying to be heard? lol. At least I made it into one image. 

I was part of half the team that split off early and went to visit a children's hospital. So of the children we visited wouldn't never go home again. It was a sobering time but one I don't regret at all. And I felt so blessed to have the chance to go and encourage them and show them that they are valued in whatever way we could. 

Sometimes it was just making them a ballon animal, or play of game of Go Fish. 

Or make them a beat bracelet. 

Simple as our gifts were sometimes, it meant the world to them to have us spend whatever time we could with them. 

Scratchy pads were a favorite. We ended up leaving a bunch of them there for the hospital to give to other visitors. 

Trying it out and a little unsure of what's going to happen. 

And the stickers. I can still hear him, "I want this one!" 

Team devotions after we just did some ultimate frisbee. We all gathered under what shade in the beautiful botanical gardens. When you go, bring lots of water. Singapore is so hot and humid. Andrew took us all through a study of Philippians and it was outstandingly perfect for our trip.

Another children's home we got to serve at for a morning. 

When you invest in a small child's life like this. There are no words for how special it is. 

Some of us! 

We traveled to over three different countries in many different ways. My personal favorite was the bus. It meant a few hours to actually catch up on sleep and enjoy the company of your team mates. 

I know this image might seem kind of random. But first of all, if you know me at all you know I love Dr. Pepper. And that's not to be found in any of the places we went in Southeast Asia other than a couple places in Singapore. It was such a welcome site I couldn't help but to take a picture. 

The girls on the team. They are the real troopers.

Btw, I just wanted to again remind you all,  that I would love it if you could please read this upcoming Thursday's post. I have something to lay before that I want you all to be a part of. Are you game? 

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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