Thursday, March 4, 2010

When it comes to writing . . . I'd rather be holding a camera.


Procrastination seems to be my middle name at times when it comes to writing. So what brings about this post now? Well, it goes like this.

I was asked a while ago to write an article for a home school magazine called The Old Schoolhouse. I know it's not like The Knot or something related to wedding photographers. But none-the-less I'm super excited about the chance to tell my story on how I got my start into professional wedding photography and how the Lord has worked out so many awesome things to make it possible. Not to mention that being published is just cool and I'm totally jazzed about the opportunity. 

I should have no problem getting this article written, right? Wrong! The moment I start to think about it I start dreading that I have to sit down and think, write, pull images together, and make it interesting on top of it all. I'm not even that great of a writer, for Pete's sake. lol. And now the worry is starting to set in. I can imagine myself pushing this off till the last possible moment and then cranking something out that is half-baked and a little odd sounding—something that would make me lie awake after sending it in to the publisher asking myself WHY I couldn't have just said it this way or that way instead of whatever it was I actually said. I think it would be responsible to actually have it written a week earlier then I'm supposed to. Why not? Is it going to benefit me somehow to put it off? NO! So how do I fight my annoying tendency of procrastination?

I raised the stakes! Here's what I did. Tonight I told my parents that if I don't have my article written for TOS magazine and ready to go by midnight Thursday, I am going to give my parents a $50 gift card to The Olive Garden. Then, everyday after that I owe them another $5 till it's done. I think it's going to work. I'll let you know. Actually, if you don't see a blog post till something like 2 A.M. on Friday morning (CST) . . . then you know I was coming a little too close to my deadline on Thursday. lol. But I will be sure to let you know how it goes . . . and how much money I've lost. HAHA. Just kidding!!!

Would appreciate you keeping me in your prayers and thoughts on this one!

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

Capture. Create. Discover.
Something Amazing!


  1. Britton, you go! David's mom will be sooooo happy. You wouldn't believe the number of "half-baked," last-minute artlces she's gotten in the past. I know she has great faith in you, not to write the perfect article, but to do the best you can and pass on the passion you have for what you to others.

  2. Great punishment idea. My advise would be to 'just do it'. That has worked best for me.

  3. HAHA. Awesome!

    Thanks, Becca. That's the idea.