Friday, August 31, 2012

Jack & Nicole are getting married!!

We had an absolutely wonderful time photographing Jack and Nicole's engagement session. I'm super excited to photograph their fall wedding coming up for many reasons... but one that stands out to me is because as many of you might know, Jack was one of my first students of photography who really believed in my skills and believed I could teach him a thing or two about photography and so launched my workshops

So I'm stoked and totally happy he asked me to photograph their wedding! 
It's going to be a fabulous time! 

Btw we are huge fans of Pinterest... and wanted you to know you are welcome as alwasy to pin any photos you see here to your boards! 

Leave some love for them in the comments below for sure! :)

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,


  1. Well, Britton, I must say that I am super thrilled to have you as our photographer. The images that you post on this blog are stunning and I can't wait to see the awesomeness that you capture on our special day!

    Any bride that is wondering if Britton is worth booking...just do it! He is worth every penny in pure skill and creativity!

  2. Oh wow!!! Bud, this is one of my favorite engagement sessions that I have seen... in a long, long time! The variety of poses and editing is killer!!! Great work!

  3. And one more thing....if you haven't met him yet, prepare to be best friends by the end of your session. He is a friend worth having!

  4. Just wanted to add to Jack's comment...I couldn't be more pleased with our engagement pictures and I know that you will create amazing images on our wedding day that we will cherish forever.
    Before I even started dating Jack I stumbled across your blog and told my mom, "Someday I want him to photograph my wedding..."
    Little did I know that two years later I would be marrying one of his first photography students and that yes indeed I would get THE Britton Felber to be our photographer.
    I am so blessed! :)

  5. Awesome pictures, Britton! So happy for these two!

  6. Jack and Nicole,
    WOW WOW WOW!!! You two know how to bless my socks off!! Well, I'm so excited to get to photograph your wedding! It's just around the corner you know? LOL. Well, you two are the best and I'm honored to get to photograph your wedding! It's going to be beautiful!


  7. Eric, You're awesome too! And I love that God brought you in my life as first a great friend, and only to learn that you are a great photographer too! It's been great! Can't wait to get together with you and Anna again soon!

  8. KayleeBeth, Thanks! Jack and Nicole are just great that way! And btw, I almost just replied to you like you were one of our Brides that we will be photographing soon due to your name. I don't know that many Kaylee's and that spell it that way. But glad I checked to make sure. That would have been awkward. lol. Thanks for commenting!!