Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just a few from Kim and Jason's wedding

If you know me, you know I love my fisheye lens. 
This was one of those shots I was just dying to have for them... but it was a little tricky getting.
There was another wedding happening in just two rooms over from this so we had to sneak in, I whispered what to do and we took a couple clicks and snuck right back out.
LOL! It was so much fun! This whole location was awesome, actually! I mean, who would have known Ohio had an abandon Castle perfect for such great photo opp? I'm not complaining! 

 (Btw, the wedding hadn't started when we did these... we didn't even know another wedding was coming at this point.)

One of our favs of Kim! 

 This is how I got the image above. I do believe the photo credit goes to the Groom, Jason! 

Their rings! 

 I just love this shot of Jason in the morning before the wedding. 

If you don't see a lot more hitting the blog soon be sure to check out our page on facebook, to see if I posted more there. This year has been crazy busy for us and for that we are grateful... but it does make it a little harder to blog. But there will certainly be updates made to the fan page
Btw, we need to figure out something to do for a celebration when the page reaches, 2000. What should we do? A give away, maybe? 

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Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,


  1. What a cool place! You did an amazing job with the pictures, as usual! :) What type of lens do you find yourself using the most with portrait photography?

  2. We love our 85mm and the 50mm. Both are such great DoF we can't help but love them. At weddings we break out the fisheye for the wow factor it gives when used right.

    Thanks for commenting!!!!