Monday, August 20, 2012

Today one year ago... we got married!!

We can't believe it's been a whole year already! And time flies for sure when you are having fun! 
So for our first year anniversary we wanted to have a portrait session to celebrate with... so these photos are a big thank you to our Sister, Bri Northern
She rocked out exactly what we dreamed of and wanted! 

Each new day becomes better than the day before. And as we continue to seek God first he has faithfully proved His matchless love toward us in all ways possible! Being married to each other is truly one of the greatest things we have ever known and we can't be more passionate about how wonderful each marriage can be if Christ is in the center. 

Over the passed year we are continually made more and more grateful for the parents the Lord has given to each of us. Their strong and healthy marriages have been the examples we have learned so much from and continue look to with great appreciation and respect. We love you Mom (Lori, and Naomi) and Dad (Matthew and Ray) very much and can't tell you how much you guys mean to us!

This year has been wonderfully good, crazy fun, sometimes hard, and yet the whole time, even in some dark times, God has filled our hearts with a deep sense of blessing to the point that we feel as though we could burst with His joy! Jesus is the reason for all our continued joy and any successes we know in our lives is because of His loving hand.

Stay tuned for more photos of the beautiful wedding we just photographed together this weekend!!

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,


  1. Happy anniversary and great photos! May the Lord continue to bless you both with a lifetime of wonderful, love-filled years.

  2. I love you both so much and will be forever grateful to God for His perfect plan in bringing you both together in marriage!
    Your love for each other inspires me endlessly and causes me to know more of God's love toward me!!!
    Happy Anniversary to my two favorite love birds!!!!!;0)
    <3 Your sis,

  3. Praise the Lord for your strong marriage! Praying that the Lord will bless you as you grow in him and in your love toward each other. :)

    Bri, you did an AMAZING job with the pictures! I especially love the third from the bottom.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful post!

  5. Awwwww! you guys are so cute!;)
    Happy Anniversary!

    ~Anna McDonnell