Friday, January 27, 2012

This is SO funny! (Cost and Value)

This is TOTALLY FUNNY!!! You got to read this! Some bride in Seattle is making photographers everywhere look like they are going to rob you like an evil Tax collector. And that a bride doesn't have a choice... No, people hire amazing weddings photographers who work very hard for their living because they see the value in having their memories framed in a way that is as beautiful as they remember it. Not blurry and boring like some cheap photographers can do for you. 
But I love what she is asking for. 

Check this out, and I Quote!! 
"I am a Bride who is getting married this summer and have yet to find a 
decently priced, 
amazingly talented, 
fun photographer."

She acts like ALL Photographers who actually have these qualities should be giving it as a donation. 
Shoot, It cost to learn how to be this for your wedding, 
Developing an eye that SEES life in a beautiful way!

I tell all my students, if you want to be a better photographer, you have to be a better person first.
A lot comes from your outlook on life. This is priceless when you find someone who can see beauty! 

Not to mention anything about backup equipment on top of the equipment that already use. 
Plus, maybe these photographer are paying for all the photo storage to make sure your photos are backed up in three different CONTINENTS  like I do. 

I know someone who through unforeseen circumstances had to go with a friend to photograph the wedding and after the wedding all her images accidentally got deleted. Not to down this young bride at all because she had to do what she had to do with. It's okay. But I bet if she had $3000 now and could get her photos back she would.

I could go on and on this one! It's great! 
Truly this person knows everything about quality and NOTHING about value. 

What would you tell her if she said this to you? 
Yeah, you really should read the whole post she has here. 

I had a ocean of photos I wanted to post from this past year alone... but because of a time commitment I have to run. But here are just a few from one of the weddings I did in 2011. 

You've only seen, 6 photos from their entire wedding... tell me what it's worth.

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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Something Amazing!


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  2. I truly feel sorry for this girl! She has no clue what responsibility and time a photographer will put into HER wedding alone...not to mention all the time they will spend editing her photos. I am in total agreement with your points on why someone pays what they do for professional photographers. Let's see what she has to say about it when she simply gets a friend, or someone not experienced, to photograph her wedding. I doubt she'll be happy - and then the event will be over with no turning back.

  3. Lol... she doesn't mean to be, but her whole post is humorous... if she is so smart and wants to warn the world about being 'ripped off' by the likes of you (i.e. an "exceptional, amazingly talented, fun photographer") then someone should write a rebuttal that to get a 'decent price' she should have put into her life plans "become best friend of wedding photographer". Lol... you get what you pay for, in relationships and in product, but here's the catch, you always pay and she must spend $$$($) on this one. B~

  4. All I know is I'd pay a lot for one good photograph of my groom and me from our wedding day...

  5. It's sad that this is the mentality of some brides out there. I love photography because it preserves the memories that I and others have. Your wedding day is one of the most important [if not THE most important] days of your life. If you want that day preserved well you may have to pay a high price for it! There's a lot that goes into getting pictures that are 'exceptional' and 'quality'. [time, money for editing software/gear, and storage as you said]
    This was hilarious to read but it just shows that some people don't know a thing about good photography! ;)

  6. wow....but I wonder what she does pay for....? Somethings like "wedding photos" are irreplaceable, moments that will hold life and love for years to come, and a reminder of the glorious union of man and woman. If the joy of that day can be captured in a photo: I think it should be payed for! btw, nice job on the ones above!

  7. This mentality infects a great deal of the population. Just because they can't understand why something costs what it does, they go on a rant to try to win others to their cause. It's the same way wherever you go EXCEPT for lawyers and doctors. People will pay exorbitant medical and legal fees, but if they need a picture taken or their computer fixed anything over $10-20/hr is a ripoff.

  8. Poor girl. She's looking for a "cheaper photographer." Maybe she'll get one. ;)

    We spent very little on our own wedding; however, the photographer was the biggest expense. We have the neatest pictures (for 25 years ago, anyway!), and we don't regret spending the money. In my opinion, $3,000 is cheap for a decent photographer. Consider his time (traveling to/from, and the actual wedding), memory cards, work, then editing, proof albums, ordering, photobook, etc. Plus his professionalism and TALENT for capturing your special day.

    I had a potential client (product photography) who wanted to pay me minimum wage for my time. She was outraged with the quote I gave her. She wanted hundreds of professional images, professionally edited, on five different CDs, uncopyrighted, for $50! At least I had the chance to practice tact and kindness with her. :)


  9. Wow... Someone should e-mail her and ask what she is willing to pay. If someday I ever get married, I would be willing to pay a lot for pictures. Because, chances are, I will probably only get married once and that would be one of the most important days of my life. After all, I'd be committing to spend the REST OF MY LIFE with the man God has for me and I would want to be able to look back, and show my kids pictures of that beautiful day. :)

    And the images you posted above are priceless...