Thursday, January 12, 2012

Corvette redone from the inside out.

Today, I wanted to show off some of the photos I did for some hardworking' and VERY talented young men. They redid this car from the inside out! It used to be the most horrible burnt yellow that probably came out of your grandmother's old shampoo bottle and not only brought it up to date with the new blue that all the 2012 Corvette's are being painted with but they even redid the entire interior with Black Leather. It's amazing! For lack of space I didn't post any of the pictures of the inside. But trust me, it's pretty amazing too! 

They are selling this amazing corvette and they wanted some images not only to show off the quality of this ride, but images that they could keep to remember their blue Stingray. 

I couldn't help doing one in a vintage setting. 

From the left, it's Daniel and Christopher Pickering. 
Christopher just might be one of the most talented workers I know. Not only does he do cars but he builds the most incredible wooden kayaks too! Someday, I'll photograph those too and show them off. 

What a cool thing to for bros to do together!

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  1. Gorgeous car! I love the stingrays! 5th picture down is amazing Britton I don't know exactly why, it just feels like a fairy tale or something. Awesome pics dude!

  2. I've always wanted a Corvette! What a beauty!

  3. now *THAT* is a r.e.a.l car. Nice job with the pics!!!

  4. They did a beautiful job. Can't wait to see pictures of the Kayaks.