Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tyler and Michelle's engagement session.

So I know for those of you who are fans on my Facebook page have seen some of these already. But I wanted to post these to my blog followers as well. After all, I'm going to be posting everyday this week. And hopefully that will start me back into the habit of posting more again! This summer truly has been a whirlwind of excitement! Photographed lots of weddings, and even got married myself! But enough of me, let's talk about the images of my two new friends, Tyler and Michelle! 

This is actually a personal favorite of mine.

Reflections are fun and so were these two!

I think this is HER favorite pose. 

And this is HIS favorite pose. :) 

I think this would be MY favorite post. lol. 

I love this style of image. 

I love how truly in love this couple is! It's just too cute! Totally fun to capture. And completely wonderful! 

They now have this one printed 12x24" in their home. Seriously, it looks awesome! It's not everyday you get to have the whole Buckingham fountain to yourselves. 
I was actually a little jealous. I was tempted to give Tyler a quick lesson on how to take a picture like this so he could take a quick picture of my wife and I right there... but I resisted. LOL

This is my wife's favorite and turns out it was one of Michelle's favorite too! 

I do believe this is and will continue to be Tyler's favorite image of the day. To which after he surprised his fiancé and took her for a romantic dip with the Chicago Skyline...

He jumped over here and proclaimed, "It's a wrap!" 
lol! It was great! 

You can't really describe how awesome it is to be in love sometimes, so you just have to show it. And yeah, look at them flying over Chicago. 

After our amazing engagement session with Tyler and Michelle, Erika and I decided that we needed to celebrate our first engagement session together married. And so we went out to eat on Michigan Ave. at the Grand Lux. 

Thanks for reading and commenting! That means a lot to me. 
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Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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  1. I LOVE these pictures! They're awesome. =D

  2. Thanks, Mary, and Charity! I appreciate your comments! I'm so glad you like them!