Friday, October 21, 2011

Our own wedding

So today, I thought I would post a few images of my own wedding. :)

Unfortunately, I couldn't photograph my own wedding. Nor did I pick up my camera the whole day. (BIG SURPRISE FOR ME TOO! I fully intended to take pictures of Erika on my wedding day for at least 5 minutes. But I was having too much fun being a groom to really want to switch gears and become a photographer for 5 minutes on my wedding day. It was a cool moment when John handed me his camera and said, "Hey, I know you wanted to take photos of her yourself. Do you want to now?"I grabbed his camera, took 1 photo and handed it back to him and said, "No, I'm having way too much fun watching and living today to do photos right now. (I think everyone was shocked.) But I was seriously enjoying my wedding WAY too much. I was able to work out a deal with my friend, John McPherson to have him shoot but leave all the photo editing to me. (And then I could put my own style on it.) All that to say, my wedding was the most enjoyable day of my entire life and I wouldn't change one thing about it!!!

My Wife's dress was the most beautiful dress I've ever seen. I am actually really picky when it comes to wedding dresses, and the only one I've ever meet who was as picky as me was my wife. So I knew it was going to be gorgeous. I couldn't wait to see it! And it blew me away! Seriously, seeing her come through those doors was the most breath taking sight of my whole life. And I know it will always be. I will never forget that moment. I will forever be grateful for her, my gift of love straight from my Heavenly Father's heart to mine. Even now it makes me cry a little thinking on this moment. 

Pastor Rob couldn't have done a more perfect job! We were so pleased. 

FINALLY! I get to wear a ring too! I seriously, think it's no fair the way a girl gets to wear a ring so the whole world knows she's engaged and the guy goes without the whole time. But it does make me all the more excited to wear it each day. 

I can't explain in words how awesome this moment was...

We're Married! 

I couldn't have felt more royal or totally blessed then right here! 

After the reception we went back to a near by park we had picked out just to do photos. It was really great! Sunny one moment. 

Then it was perfectly cloudy the next. Wow, we couldn't have been more please with the way God worked out the weather on our wedding day! (And anyone who has planned a wedding knows that's a big concern for every wedding.)

Btw, I had a photographer ask me if I teach how to do editing like me in my workshops... the answer is YES YES YES! It's in the 2 day workshop that I'm doing this January. Check it out if you are interested. You will need to bring your laptop. 
I also extended the early registration too.

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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  1. Beautiful! And SO happy for you and your lovely bride!

  2. Ahhh LOVE! I am so delighted to see God has placed in your life a wonderful woman after his own heart! A true blessing! Cannot agree with you more about men and an engagement ring! What's up with that!?! I want the whole world to know that he is promised to me as much as I am him! (btw I am getting married this Nov.. yippie ! cannot wait to share the joy you are having at those moments!) You two looked absolutely beautiful! and I pray that your life will be filled each second with Gods love and forgiveness! God bless your marriage!