Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Joanna and some of the details.

Joanna, if you don't know her you should! She's one of the sweetest and relaxed people ever! She's a graphic artist by trade so we had a lot of common ground. 

Did you know that I was a graphic artist for 3 years before going full time into photography? It was fun, but didn't compare to the reason I learned graphic arts. That reason being to learn and expand my understanding of visual communication in every way possible! I wanted to know first hand what I needed in a picture to tell a story and convey a message with powerful and emotional impact. Not to mention it's where I learned and in turn taught others how to use Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom, InDesign and even Once upon a time I used Quark too.


Yet another favorite image of Joanna's wedding rings. I like real rocks on rings. 


Joanna's Dress, (More images of this to follow.)


Possibly my favorite image of the rings that day. 

Spending a weekend with the love of my life!
I surprised my fiance this weekend by going to her home with my brother Konner. It was a blast! But I'm back and I'm ready to conquer the day ahead. :) 

Don't forget to sign up quick if you are wanting a spot in one of my workshops for photographers. And please spread the word via twitter and facebook! I've only got a couple spots left for my workshop in Chicago and the Twin Cities! 

Dates for each are as follows:
Chicago—April 13 2011—One day workshop like one pictured in previous blog. Cost $200
Only 2 spot left.

Twin Cities—May 4-5. Two day workshop. Cost $350

Chicago—May 18— One Day workshop like one pictured in previous blog. $200
Only a few spots left.

Send me a email if you would like to sign up! Britton@photographybybritton.com
Please include all your contact info. :) And thanks again for spreading the word on your facebooks and twitter. :)

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

Capture. Create. Discover.
Something Amazing!


  1. lovely pictures! and you and Erika are such a sweet couple(:

  2. May I use one of your pictures of the rings in a post on my website (crediting it to you?)

  3. Make the credit read this" Photo credit www.photographybybritton.com"

    And yes. The photo of the rings. Ask each time you use it please. Thanks!