Monday, January 3, 2011

My workshop for photographers

Here are some of the images over-looking the last photography workshop I taught in Chicago
along with information for my upcoming workshops in at the bottom.

If you know anyone who might be interested in going or someone who could learn from my
experience as a wedding photographer please share this post with them.
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We were so grateful for Emily McDonnell for being willing to model for us so we all could all just focus on posing, interacting and photographing our subjects.


Where could we have more fun doing a workshop other than Chicago??? I LOVE THIS PLACE!

Rob Bennett,
An awesome guy and friend who has come along to help
me teach and answer questions anybody might have! 

We learning quickly about off camera flash and how to make it work and how it
makes your subject pop.



Image credit to Rob Bennett again. Thanks for capturing some of the action. :)

A couple more just fun shots I did quickly.

Emily was so great to work with!

Introducing my students to the fun limitless crazy fun you can have with a fisheye lens.

I like to have fun, no matter what I'm doing!

My awesome friends! We had such a blast! Some serious talent here in these ranks. 

We have to be a little crazy too, right? We're photographers! 




Introducing the beauty of boca to my students was a blast!

I love to grab the model and walk everyone over to a unlikely spot and say something like this,
"Okay, you're now on a wedding and you have only 5 mins to create beautiful imagery of the bride, what are you going to look for?" So I give them 5 mins (Or less. lol) and then show them what I would look for. Then I let everyone try their hand at it again. It's fun!

They all rocked!

I couldn't help but kind of like this. The bottom branches of the trees were still green, yet the top was red bursting forth with the anticipation of fall.

Going underground, We talked about light and how to do cool stuff. How to put lines in your pictures and what to look for for dramatic lighten.


As we walked about.

Chicago is so beautiful! 
All of us gathering around at the local coffee shop. Lining up the computers... this is a fun time!


(Yes you already saw this image.)
Then toward the end of the day I teach everyone about all the Lightroom 3 and how they too can edit their photos. It's great! I LOVE watching people get excited about how much more awesome they can make their photos by making some simple edits in Lightroom 3. It's like I handed them the answer to their dream of what they originally intended to have in their photos. 

Then after we were done with learning all about lightroom, image organization, image editing, Image presentation, we heading down for some optional evening shooting in BLUE HOUR. It's a time when the color is just awesome!

I didn't bring my tripod because I had to carry my camera bag (17lbs) and my laptop bag (Weight unknown) all day as it was. So I showed everyone cool stuff like, the Bag-O-Pod.

A LOT more information about the Workshop is below if you are interested:


Hands on shooting while we learn for a few hours, How to work with people and keep them comfortable, learn to think like a wedding photographer who has to perform magic with only 5 mins to do it in. File handling and processing in Lightroom 3, How to use online proofing while giving yourself a more professional finish, Anything and everything else you could want to talk about.


Only 6 students are allowed to attend my workshop at a time. This way we can learn at everyone's level and we become best of friends. I like safe learning environments where we can be vulnerable and learn from each other.


I work with mostly amateur to intermediate photographers who are still trying to figure out how to establish their own style to how to get their business rolling. So at my workshops we talk about things that have worked for me and things that haven't and how they can best make a living doing it to simple things like how to use their cameras. 
Everything comes from a wedding photographer's perspective. It's what I am! 


They generally are one day workshops that start at 7 in the morning and go till dinner with really no breaks at all. But it's fun and we all are best friends by the time we are done.


I have a lot of people asking me to go to TX and the Twin Cities. So I'll probably hit those two places up since there seems to be enough people at each location to justify the means. Please give me feed back if you are interested or know anybody that could be interested. 


I've taught classes on how I built your own website. 

$200 for all day workshop in Chicago, 

I hold nothing back at my workshops. 

I might consider going up to 10 students on locations like Dallas TX and the TWIN CITIES. These two workshops would be 2 days long and would cost $350. 

I'm proud to be sponsored by Zenfolio. All students who attend my workshop will receive a code worth up to $50 off their membership with Zenfolio for attending my workshop. And their are other cool give aways from them as well.

Chicago IL—April 13 2011—1 day workshop like one pictured above.
Twin Cities MI—May 4-5 2011
Chicago IL—May 18, 2011

Hurry Spots will go fast for the Chicago Workshop.

Leave comments below if you have further questions of dates that would work for you!

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

Capture. Create. Discover.
Something Amazing!


  1. Do you accept couples to a class? Sounds like something I really need, and would love to attend. A late spring or summer date would possibly work for us if you host one!

  2. Yes, come to Dallas! I don't really have anything on the calendar, except for the last few days in April and some "pending" dates. It was so neat to see Rob on your blog! It's a small world.

  3. Is there a certain age that you have to be? I'm interested in the Chicago one!

  4. I'd be interested, it would be a matter of my schedule the day the workshop would be (I'm in Dallas).

  5. Couples are welcome!! I would love that!

    I don't really have a age requirement. As long as you are old enough that you can stick with us on a long day of shooting and editing. And I'd say that you would have to be old enough to get yourself to the location on your own. If you need your parents to drive you there or are needing adult supervision... probably better wait a year of two. :)

  6. Haha I'd be 18 =). Would we meet somewhere and then the rest we'd be walking or would we need transportation throughout the day?

  7. We all meet up at the Chicago Bean in Millennium park. Then we walk the rest of the day.

  8. These are good questions everyone! keep them up!

  9. This workshop seems perfect for me as I am still getting in touch with my camera! Is owning LR a requirement; I have Elements 9, but I am wanting to get LR soon...

  10. I don't see myself making it to a workshop anytime soon. BUT I'm totally interested in your off camera lighting. - Maybe I just need more practice and experience with it...but really, I lack any skill with off camera speed-lights! haha - Let me know if you have any advice.

  11. Sarah, Do you want to host a workshop in FL? We could work something out I'm sure!

  12. It's not a requirement. But it's what I'm going to spend about 3 hours of the day teaching about. It's one of the BEST tools a photographer can have next to his or her camera.

  13. If you don't care to own Lightroom 3 that's fine. I'm pretty sure you will want it by the end of the day though. If you aren't sold on it you can just download the 30 day trail and come with that. : )

  14. I sent you a question on FB but here is another one! If you are ever in the Tri-Cities TN area, I would love to host a class for you!! I have a few friends here that would love to learn from you! Fall in East TN is a beautiful time to learn. Lots of waterfalls and streams and will prove to be a great session for all involved.

  15. I'm interested in the Chicago workshop. I've taken 3 IPS courses, I don't know if you're familer with that. If you are does your workshop pretty much go over/cover the same concepts?

  16. Thea, I would love to come there! If we can line up a few peeps there who are interested in taking it I would gladly add that to my list tour! Shoot me some dates!

  17. Cassie, I like to think of my workshop as being the perfect course after taking PWP1 & PWP2. I don't know what the other course was you took. But honestly my workshop really isn't something we can compare to IPS. Totally different feel and approach. The only real similar thing is that we both want to see the Lord glorified in our talents and cameras. The rest is different. :) (And just to be clear to all my readers, I mean only to speak only highly of IPS)

  18. Very cool. When are you thinking of coming to the Twin Cities?

  19. Carpe Diem Photography, I'm going to be announcing the dates for that this Tuesday. :)

  20. Sweet. So, how do you sign up for it?

  21. Just send me an email! :)

  22. I was looking into going to IPS and then was suggested to look at your site too...I really still need to learn a lot but I don't know if I can learn what I need in one day and its hard to afford the IPS course. Now I can't decide what to do. :) I have some basics down since I've worked in a studio but didn't really learn how all the lighting and cameras work. I have my own camera and have done some photoshoots but sadly don't know as much about my camera as I should. Do you cover that or should I just go to IPS?

  23. Anna, this is a good thing to consider. Hmmm. I dont know what to tell you at this point though. If you would like to give me a call we can talk about it. Just send me an email at and I'll send you my phone number. Looking forward to the conversation. :)

  24. I just shared this on fb; I have a few friends who might be interested. So would this workshop focus mainly on managing a wedding photography business, as opposed to actually shooting (which is good with me)? Do you know where the meeting place would be in Dallas? Actually, May-ish in Dallas would probably be best for me.

  25. Bethany,

    Thanks for sharing it on your facebook! I actually still don't have dates for Dallas. I'm looking for a host in Dallas still. But there seems to be a lot of interest for Dallas.

  26. I am from the twin cities, but as it stands now am very low on funds, bummer. I would have loved to have been able to join in on one of the workshops.

    And as I am looking at the date of this post, maybe to late anyway? Looks like it would be fun.

  27. Liz, write me at :)

  28. Just updated this with more of the current info of Dates and Locations! Check them and and let me know if any other dates would be better!

  29. Nashville is a cool place to be as well. We have the Ryman Auditorium, Union Station, Gaylord Opryland Hotel, The Grand Ole Opry, Vanderbilt University, and several southern plantations as well.