Monday, May 10, 2010

I love my Mother!!!

It's a great day to say, I LOVE YOU MOM! 
Facts about my Mom are listed below but not limited to:
1. Loves all things pink
2. Spoiled by my Dad
3. Loves all of us in her family even when we are less than lovable.
(I know it's hard to believe we could be anything less. I know.)
4. IS. THE. MOST. AMAZING. cook alive. (next to me. shhh.) 
I know you are disappointed because you thought your Mom was better. HAHA. 
Well, it's okay. My Mom could smoke your Mom any day. 
5. When in the kitchen I refer to her as sous-chef and it gets on her nerves and those of my brothers. Sue is her middle name and the sous-chef is the second in command to the head chef. Which I like to imply is ME. 
6. She would rather be on the beach than just about anywhere.
7. Mom <3 Dad
8. She likes to think she can get better pictures with her camera than I can with mine (a little Canon point-and-shoot camera)
9. Calm and cool almost all the time...except the time my older brother, Shane and I got stranded on a rock island while. :-/ Don't worry, we lived.
10. She's not sentimental about anything making her the best to have around when you are trying to clean things out.
11. She's probably the only person I know who practically makes money shopping she gets such amazing deals. 
12. She drives a mini van.
13. She has a soft spot for being called Mommy. (Shhh. Don't tell her I know that.)
14. She is our miracle Mommy! She has one of my Dad's kidneys.
15. She doesn't know how to turn on the vacuum cleaner. (I'm not even joking. I linked to it just in case you think I must be wrong about what one of those could be.)
16. She keeps her iTouch in a pink Vera Bradley case. 

And of course you couldn't have Mother's Day without Mom and Dad. . . 
so he's allowed on this post too. :) 

So my Mom likes Garrett's popcorn...

...and Dad thinks the prices are outrageous. :) 

Thanks Mom for everything you've done to raise me and all my brothers. I Love you!

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

Capture. Create. Discover.
Something Amazing!


  1. She is the most AMAZING Mom!

    Cameron the Son of THE Mom!

  2. Matt Felber, alias, DAD, husband to "the MOM" who is the "LOVE of my Life", agrees that She is the "Amazing Mom!"