Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friend + Chicago = Fun Day

Do you like me math? I always got good grades when it came to math. Really! It was the only subject I was any good at actually. Okay, actually I was the perfect kid in class who always got good grades in every subject...just once in my dreams. OHHHH, and I knew everything about history. That was a fav of mine. ;)

What to blog today? What to blog today? Man, this question was driving me nuts. I've been working on so much recently and trying to keep up with everything has been hilarious. So I figured I would show off some pictures of my time down in Chicago a couple weekends ago. (Yes, another weekend in Chicago.)

If you see a stranger who looks like he could sit like a genie and take pictures like one too, you should ask him to take a quick picture with your phone so you can keep folks up to date with what's going on on your fan page. Ya know?

The rad image our new found genie friend just took for us. It was great! Just a bunch of us photographer friends taking the day and yucking it up in Chi-town. 

Evy Rene√® is always a good bet for helping an image turn out right... and the light coming through this church courtyard was just perfect too. 

Evy can be a little crazy at times. But it's cool! I'm just saying. 

Hey, it's LEAH!

If you are the only guy in the group you get to be the one that takes the group shot photos!! lol. What fun crazy people! 

Well, that sad part is that they all had to leave early (meaning before the sun went way down). But I got a text from my buddy ol' pal, Ruthann, letting me know that she and her friend Laurie were in town. So Laura, Blake, and Konner came up to to join us all at the Grand Lux for dinner. It's one of my personal favorite restaurants downtown. 

Laurie was pretty stoked about her meal. 

It was great times! And I'm so glad for friends and family who truly do make life one big adventure! Thanks guys for one fun packed day! 

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

Capture. Create. Discover.
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  1. That is one hilarious picture of Laurie and the pasta!