Friday, January 29, 2010

Engagement session in downtown Chicago = good times!

I swear, we have so much fun when a couple, myself and my trusty camera go out looking for something amazing. It's just great! We laugh, we cry, we tease, we . . . rather they, hold each other tight . . . oh, by the way we don't really cry. Actually, that never happens. We are too busy having a great time. Duh! :P

So here is one of a few engagement pictures I hope to share with you over the next couple of days. :)

Samantha & Jared—downtown Chicago Engagement


This weekend I'll be in California helping shoot two engagement session . . . but  I'll do my best to keep the posts rolling in. :)

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

Capture. Create. Discover.
Something Amazing!

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  1. I like how you end each of your posts with "God bless your socks off." =D So what happens if you don't have any socks on? Is it, "God bless your feet off!" Or if you're wearing skiing boots, "God bless your skiing boots off." ;-) Hehe, j/k. ;-)

    Nice pic!

  2. Can't wait to see them! Looks like you're a little behind... Kelsey just posted their wedding pictures. :P

  3. Leah, You're cracking me up. That's great!

    Sarah, if you look down to my post "Sam and Jared, The slide shows" You will see that I already have a slide show up from their wedding. :) Enjoy!

  4. Oopsie daisy! Hey, I had just gotten back from skiing when I posted that comment...

  5. lol. How was skiing? Where did you go?

  6. It was really fun! We went to Eldora. Our homeschool group had some amazing deal so that's what we do every year... plus it's the closest to us. The weather was really good! I have a post w/ pics if you want to see them on my blog.

  7. I was just snowboarding in Eldora about a month ago . . . they didn't quite have all the trails open yet. But it was great pow.

  8. Yeah, some of the extreme terrain stuff was still closed. Not like I do extreme terrain anyway... I just did my first black. :P But God sure did bless my ski boots off. :)


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