Monday, January 4, 2010

Dane Sanders' workshop. Near boulder, CO.

I have been putting off writing about a workshop I did a few weeks ago out in near Boulder, CO for way too long. "That was life changing. . . " were the words I used to tell Dane how much I loved my time at the workshop. They are also the words I will use to tell you about it. It was life changing! I learned so much and got so much clarity about myself and my business. I feel more equipped than ever before about myself and how I work.

There was so much that I learned that has truly changed me there is no way I can write about it all now. So I will pick the first one that struck me.

I like to give things my best try. I try very hard to be a professional photographer. I try very hard to be organized about my time. I try very hard to learn and know everything there is to know about photography, especially in the area of wedding photography. . . and the list goes on and on. But that's the problem: I try.

To "try" has nothing to do with "being" or "doing." It's like a thirsty guy walking up to me and I go to hand him a bottle of cool water and all he does is try to take it out of my hand. My hand is open . . . and he tries very hard, yet does nothing. I tell him to take it out of my hand. I'm confused why he just doesn't take it. All he does is he stand there and try. . . his fingers are wrapped around it, his eyes are fixed on it . . . yet he simply doesn't take it. He doesn't pick it up out of my hand. That man was no closer to getting a drink of water than he was before I even offered it. It's sad really, to see a person who knows what they want and need, but sits and tries.

I've often been like that thirsty dude. Trying to get things organized. Trying to get my photography out in front of people. Trying to get people to understand who I am as a photographer. Trying to show people why I have something different to offer them. Trying—when in fact it was time to start being the Britton Felber I was meant to be. It's time to start doing the things I need to do. It's time to truly commit in a way that is life changing. It's time to be the one who truly, "captures, creates, discovers . . . something amazing!" in everyone's life that I photograph. I'm done trying. I'm going to be Britton Felber.

Here are some of the photos we took at the workshop. Meet Jenny and Allen.
They were so cute together it was just fun. . . the hard part . . . keeping my fingers warm. . . Allen's fingers . . . well, yeah. I can only imagine they weren't too bad.

We had a total blast with Jenny & Allen. We were so glad they came out and let us photograph them.

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

Capture. Create. Discover.
Something Amazing!

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  1. That second pic is jaw dropping amazing! Way to go! :-)

  2. Cool blog Britton! The pictures are amazing =)-Laurie Jalbert

  3. Thanks, Leah and Laurie! Thanks for the feedback!


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