Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do you ever dream of open roads?

Open roads are great! And they really deserve to be photographed . . . so I did. :) You probably dream of the kind you can drive freakishly fast on . . . and that's okay. I do sometimes too.

I know I said I was going to show off some pictures of the crater in today's blog in yesterday's post but I ran across this one and had some fun with it. Fun is cool to me. I love how things will just pop out at me sometimes . . . and the coolest things just kind happen when I go with the crazy ideas that start coming into my head. HEY, my philosophy is, "Try it, there is always 'command Z'" . . . not something we always get in life. So, here goes: The original, the image I was going for and then the image that makes you feel like you are driving there too.


This is what I thought I was after.

And then I had this crazy idea. What if I made the image look like I was moving? :) So that's what I did. How do you like it?

Shooting out the window . . . does anyone else do this besides me? I love just shooting out the window sometimes. It's not often you get anything all that great but that's all the chance we get at capturing something amazing. So, we give it our best shot, right?


I'll post pictures of the crater tomorrow . . . I hope. :) And until then I hope you enjoyed a bit of how my brain works sometimes. Art is fun like that if you can just go with it.

If you would like a print of any of these images just click here. I'm going to try and make all my images available from now on.

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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Something Amazing!

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  1. Wow. I really really REALLY like the last one. :D

  2. Britton! First of all- I shoot out the car window all. the. time. My mom says I should publish a book "Pictures I've Taken Out Car Windows." :) And secondly, really like the effect. I love empty dirt roads, probably my mid-west upbringing. Very cool blur!

  3. Thanks, Kelseys. ;) You guys are great!

  4. My brothers are forever shooting out the window. ;)
    Awesome pictures!

  5. Whoah. Those are ridiculous. WAY cool. I like these so much that I might link to this post on my next blog post. :)

    Some of my favorite pictures I have shot out the window...I don't think there is anyone who does NOT shoot out the window. And if they don't... well, that's their problem. :P

  6. Wow! Thanks, Sarah! That's awfully generous of you! I'm glad you like the shots.

  7. You're all linked up. :)

  8. Way awesome! You rock, Sarah! Thanks!

  9. Adding motion to the open-road picture was a way cool idea! It looks daring like you're upside down on a motorcycle or something crazy =)

  10. Tosha, I love that idea. Next time I'm on a motorcycle I'll let you know how it goes. lol.

  11. Hey Brit who was Driving? :-) Great Pictures well off to CHA sell some sand


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