Friday, November 4, 2011

Meghan and Joe... tied the knot!

This last week I had the honor of not only photographing Meghan and Joe's wedding, but also meeting up with a couple from their wedding and talking over the idea of me photographing their wedding this July. It's been a fun trip and a fun time too! Photographing Meghan and Joe's wedding couldn't have been more fun because not only were the colors on the trees perfect, the weather great, and a beautiful couple, it was fun because it's one of my my Wife and Brother-in-law's best friends... so they were both actually in the wedding!

So here are a few the images from Meghan and Joe's wedding. Enjoy! 

I like dress pictures if there is time and the bride is good with me taking it for a few minutes. 

And ring shots, another picture that when I collect all the rings the groom is sure to tell me to be careful and lot lose them. lol. It happens every time. But I TOTALLY get it now that I've gotten married and you know how much those little things cost. Honestly though, this is a fun shot to do. Meghan's roses were perfect and great for this!

I like these photos of Joe getting ready. 

My amazing wife, was in this wedding! :D 

The little flower girl cried the whole way, but she made it and it was cute! 

The flower girl wasn't the only one to shed a tear or two coming down the aisle. 

It was good to see Joe lose a tear too. I say two because I was crying pretty hard at my wedding. 
I especially enjoyed watching Joe as the moment grew closer and closer you could see it all sinking in. The moment he and his Love had been waiting 7 years for. 

Everyone enjoyed this moment! 

One of my favs of this wedding party! Oh yeah! Super cool! 

I took this upside-down and flip the image later in my editing program. But one of the groomsmen asked, "Since you are taking this upside-down do we need to frown to get a smile?" 

The Bride and Maid of honor

Men in the making. 

Boy band shot. 
Obviously, Joe is the lead singer. 

And now for the fun pictures... the couple! I love this part of the day! Wow, they are finally married and loving this moment! It's was easy to get great shots of these two at this point! :) 

I love fall weddings!!!! 

They were both beaming with joy and happiness! I LOVED it! 

Since my own wedding, I've grown to notice the ring on the grooms hand.
I never realized how awesome that is till my wife got to wear a ring the whole time we were engaged and I didn't get to wear one till we were married. That's a big deal. One worthy of a picture, ya know?


Another fav! 

These flowers were so perfect all day! It was great! 

I was standing on a swing... yeah, Joe had to hold me up! :D It was great! lol! Anything to get a great shot like this!!! 

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Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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  1. Hurrrraay!! These were so fun to look at - thanks for posting. I just have to say that I really love the close-up of Meghan right up against Joe. :) Super beautiful.

  2. one of the sorrows of my life was missing your wedding. love always grandpa

  3. These are PRO!!! Love the lighting on so many of these and the post-production! Awesome!