Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dreamy clouds ...

... and fun couples in love... I love it so much
Give me a couple in love and I will give you them looking their best. 
I promise.
 Everyone wedding I find I am ever in competition with myself to outdo the last one. Regardless, I want to make it look like the happiest day of their lives! And I want to show off the love they have like no one else ever could. I want to capture those moments in a way that NO one else can. I want to see what only I can see in the way that only I can see it. 

I meet with a local photographer this last week purely for the purpose of getting to know him... but he was busy so I didn't get to see him. So I left one of my business cards and I get a call from his assistant wanting to set an appointment up with me the next week. I thought it was because he felt bad or something... I was excited about it because I LOVE meeting photographers I don't know personally. Photographers who have been in the business for 25+ years are always fun too! Well, in the next 5 minutes he tells me he's never once before in his life called someone back after getting their business card. But he actually looked up my website and loved my work. I was totally blown away and honored. It was so awesome hearing from another professional who has a really good eye in photography tell me that my work was really solid and balanced yet very creative. 

It was a TON of fun being with a dreamer who was a bit older than I but that I could see so much of myself. It was awesome! I LOVED being in his studio. I was honored to bits and it was very encouraging. 

In the end, it made me think of all the new photographers who are springing up all around me and I want to still be able to take a moment out of my day and encourage them as much as this older photographer did for me! It was great! 

 All the while not losing the focus I have to make couples and their love look as beautiful as it really is in my camera and on my art. I consider it one of my biggest honors in life every
a couple choses me as the one and only person they want to 
photographer their wedding day!

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

Capture. Create. Discover.
Something Amazing!


  1. Love that first shot, Britton. And don't sell yourself short--couples want to choose a great photographer to capture their day. When my dh and I married way back when, we chose the most expensive photographer out of the ones we interviewed--not because he was the most expensive, but because I fell in love with his photos and his style. Even though our album is filled with traditional 1980s-style photos, there are a few candid shots in it that are precious to me! Keep shooting away!!


  2. WOW! Thanks, Christine!!! That' awesome! I'm so glad to hear you are happy with the photos and the photographer you hired! It's such a big deal... and it really is sad when people thing they don't care so much about it. It's a huge thing. It's the one portal that can actually take them back to that beautiful day... but only as their photographer sees it. So it's important to hirer a photographer who sees life like you want to see it on that day. :)