Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Real life... Always the BEST and most hilarious!

So yesterday I said I would tell the story behind an image of me and Kara laughing at a picture... and here is what happened. 

"I love that cute little coral rock over there, Levi!" ~Kara
"I don't know looks like the waves are too big for that one." ~Levi
"No, look at that wave go around it so nice. It's fine!" ~Kara

This is one that my fiance took! She is great!  And I love her like CRAZY! Just so ya know.

I love how they are both looking down in disbelief. 

THIS ONE IS AWESOME! I just love Levi's thumb! Lol. 
He's like, "Is now a good time to mention again about the larger coral rocks over there?"
Meanwhile Kara is still having a BLAST! 

And now it's time to run! 

Save again and the question is, "DID YOU GET THAT?!?!?!" Lol. Yeah, we did.

So this picture that I showed you yesterday was of us checking out that serious of images which we totally thought was just hilarious! 

And me and my amazing fiance with Kara and Levi. 
The day was coming to an end and we just had the most fun ever! I'll have you know I sat in the pool for about an hour after we were done with this one for my poor feet... but we still 
totally had the most fun that day. 

Today I'm up in Minneapolis photographing an engagement session for Eric & Anna in the Twin Cities  before I start teaching tomorrow. So much fun it's hard to contain it all.

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Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

Capture. Create. Discover.
Something Amazing!


  1. wow, that looks fun for sure! Great job, once again :)

  2. What can I say..... not one of my best ideas :)
    Favorite parts:
    (a) How did I ever expect that if I just lifted the dress a little higher would keep it from getting wet.
    (b) The comment about Levi's thumb, priceless!
    (c) The picture that Erika took where I'm lost in the wave while Levi is just standing there high&dry.
    (d) Us running for our lives while trying not to trip in the sand.
    (e) Excellent reaction to the picture...not sure if we could have gotten our mouthes any further open in a laugh :)

    ~ Kara

  3. Hahahahahaha!!! Kara! You are so much fun and really laid back at the same time! Wow, I'm so glad I got the honor to photograph your wedding!