Friday, April 2, 2010

It finally came!!! :D

Yesterday I opened my brand new 32GB 3GS iphone. :D (As seen below still in the wrapper.)

Doesn't it fit in my hand so well that it looks like it was made for it? HAHA. And your response to that should be (in a scratchy, high-pitched grandmother voice), "As much as you paid for it, it ought to, deary. Does it dance too?"

Yes, this is real. It's not an April Fool's joke. And I think I like it a lot. 
I do hope it enables me to better keep tabs on all the little things 
that are so easily lost and forgotten.

This framed image of Donner Lake is now up to $43.00 on ebay! I'm so excited and grateful! It's a $250.00 value, and if you would like to join in support you can bid by clicking hereYou can read about why I'm doing this fundraiser here on my recent post.

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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  1. WOW dude thats awesome~!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Say Britton....that sounds exactly like something your grandmother would say (at least the one I know and love)....and there would be a laugh after the question about it dancing..LOL

    Cousin Barb