Monday, August 1, 2011

The gift of a daughter...

While I shot this wedding there was a line going through my head the whole day, "Britton, I know you will take care of me." Megan's dad, said this to me a couple weeks before the wedding and it meant a lot to me. Of course I do that for all my clients, but there is nothing like knowing they are confident in you. It was so much fun to hit this one out of the park too. That night I meet up with them all after the wedding for dinner and I had posted a few of their images on my blog already and they were TOTALLY stoked! 

I know I just posted a blog talking about how unbelievable it is every time a father gives away the hand of his daughter to another man... Which as you probably know I am thinking a LOT about... just because of the fact that I'm getting married August 20, 2011... :D (Yeah, I can't wait.)

But this little detail at Megan's wedding I really appreciated! 
She wanted Russell to come and meet her at the edge of the aisle where her and her father would be waiting... for him to receive her, his bride. 
I really liked it! 
And it worked so well because of the way the area was laid out. It was really cool. I have some great images of tears coming down Megan's dad's eyes ... but I'll save those for them. :)
 Just such a sweet moment! 

Then before you know, they are living their forever after! Wow, I can't believe I've only got one more wedding to photograph in Minnesota before I'll be married. And then it's my turn.. to enter into the most holy thing a person can do outside salvation. Entering into a covenant relationship. Wow, marriage is such an awesome God given gift. 

Okay, so on another note... to my Florida friends... I'm getting ready to do 2 different Photography by Britton workshops in TAMPA FLORIDA this January... I can't wait to give you more details! But it's going to be GREAT! One for Beginners and one for more advanced photographers who just want to get their business in a more up and going place. Can't wait! You won't want to miss out! 

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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  1. LOVE the second picture. I love it when photographers use doors for framing. Gorgeous! :)
    The Stalker ;)

  2. Nice of you to come out and say hi, "the Stalker" lol! Thanks for the comment!