Sunday, August 14, 2011

Christie and Chad... Married today.

So today I had the honor of photographing Christie and Chad's wedding. It was supposed to rain and storm all day according to the weather... but I started praying and asking for the sunny weather that Christie wanted to see come to realization on her wedding day.... Take a look at our images from a day NOT filled with rain. :D 

The rest of all this fun stuff I'll have to write about in a future blog post. I'm staying up really late to post this before I rush home to Chicago tomorrow from Minnesota. But tomorrow I'll be home by dinner to meet up with my family for my Mom's birthday! :D Then it's home to pack for my wedding and honeymoon!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm getting married August 20, 2011! I'm stoked! So don't expect to hear a ton from me till Sept 1. If I don't answer the phone that's why. 
But feel free to still shoot me an email

So long story made very short by one tired photographer... it was a beautiful day! :D 
Stay tuned for more images from this wedding soon! 

And again, I'll be out of town and reach by phone for a while since I'm getting married this next weekend and will be on my honeymoon after that for a while. :D But feel free to shoot me an email.

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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  1. I LOVE the photos so far. You did a fantastic job and Christie was so excited to have you as her photographer. Thanks for posting these so soon!!

  2. Thanks, Emily!

    Naomi, I'm so glad you love them too! It was fun to get them up!

  3. Beautiful photos, Britton.

  4. Meant to say that I like the texture of the rocks under the rings...really looks great.