Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tim and Dana Married!

I just realized I haven't posted even the preview of Tim and Dana's wedding here yet. Yikes!! We are so swamped... but amazingly getting a LOT done fast. Praise the LORD! So, with that said I will post two photos from Tim and Dana's wedding and get back to work designing their custom wedding album. I'll post that here soon too. 

Yeah, so these are both kissing shots... but the first one was posted the night of their wedding and the one above tonight. Don't worry. I have lots of great smiles too! ;) Stay tuned and I will prove it to you! 

And btw, I love this feedback. Check out this note that Dana wrote about us!! 
Talk about the perfect way to make our day!! 
Dana, that was so sweet of you! We loved being part of your wedding day! 

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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  1. You continue to amaze and inspire me!

    Great shots!