Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kyle and Martha Grace's engagement (And a small update on us too.)

It's been too long since I last put an update on here and for that I'm sorry. It certainly hasn't been due to lack of photos to post... but quite the contrary. We have been SWAMPED in every way right now possible and yes, having a great time with it all too! We have gotten to travel all over the Unite States this year with more destinations still to go with beautiful weddings of awesome people to photograph... I love that my wife and I get to be visual storytellers! Of course we are looking forward to the wedding coming up in New Zealand soon too. We are stoked to say we are international destination wedding photographers! My goal is to finish editing 4 more weddings, design 4 more albums, photographed a couple more portrait sessions, and edit those portrait session all in the next 13 days. Who needs sleep, right??? lol. And this goal is going to happen! :D And I want to put up at least 2 more post in the next 13 days as well. 

But now it's time to show off some fun fall photos from Kyle and Martha Grace's engagement session. 
It was super fun not only photographing this awesome couple's photos but getting to know them better and hearing about all the reasons (Well, I'm sure there are lots more reasons too.) why they fell in love with each other. Not only how they fell in love but how then compliment each other in so many ways. It was neat to hear them as they praised one another for having the character of Christ in their lives and how that drew them to realize they not only liked each other but they needed one another too! Probably one of my favorite parts of this session was hearing them share this about themselves! Such awesomeness!! 

Well, I won't keep you longer... please enjoy the photos and leave lots of love for the couple here and especially on their photos that they will be tagged in on facebook

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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