Monday, February 14, 2011

More of Slade and Stephanie's engagement session.

I'm so super stoked to be with my fiance and her family today.
Lots of fun stuff planned for me and I'll have to share about it in due time. :) I hope you too have some awesome plans today of reminding someone you love just how much you do. And that your love for them is endless! Live today to the fullest and love them more than you can alone! :) 

This is such a crazy series of events NOT planned you have to read this! It's kind of long, but wild too how I got this job.

Last year on my way home from shooting a wedding in CA I was getting ready to leave out of SFO Airport when I started getting the southwest text messages alerting my of my flight being delayed. It was backed up so badly that I was going to miss my connecting flight in Denver. So I called up Southwest airlines and asked them if there was any chance I could fly out of Oakland Airport instead and they said yes. Matter of fact I was going to get home like an hour or two earlier if I did that than my original itinerary! So I quickly grabbed the fast approaching exit for the OAK airport. I am one of those people who loves to get the front row on Southwest airlines every chance I can because my legs are so long. Plus you get off the plane a lot quicker too! I grabbed myself the window seat and was totally JAZZED about that and the fact that nobody else was sitting in the middle either. It was just me and another guy who seemed to have it figured out that if we kind of leaned into the middle and sprawled out maybe no one would sit there. IT WORKED! Now we just have one quick stop at LAX and then we are on our way home to Midway.

I found myself in a rare mood that I didn't really feel like making friends but was thinking to myself, I think I'll just put my earbuddies in and listen to music all the way home and even start working on rating all the wedding images I just took that weekend.

Well, wouldn't you know it, some HUGE football player type built guy boards the plane and comes into the half vacant seat in the middle. I say half because I was doing my best to fill it along with my seat and so was the guy next to me. lol. "Rats," I thought to myself. Now have to spend a 5 or 6 hour flight with this dude next to me. Still not wanting to make new friends I grabbed my laptop and started working away on my wedding images. Well, I wasn't working on them more than 5 minutes when this dude starts talking to me about how "awesome" all my images are that I was working on. (When a person starts up a conversation like that you can't help but kind of like him. LOL) So I started showing him a bit of my portfolio and he was like seriously interested in my work. Which at first caught me off guard. I mean, this dude totally looked like the sports and outdoors type that probably doesn't give a rip about photography, especially wedding photography! Well, come to find out he was engaged. So we got talking about his wedding and engagement photos and all that and before you know it we are exchanging cards and long story short I just did his engagement session! It was really cool!

I've always dreamed about booking a job while I was at the airport. Mostly because the girl I used to work for who got me my start in wedding photography had booked a wedding that way and I thought that was so awesome! So, I actually did it. It was crazy!

I've been learning to trust the Lord and know that he is working everything out more perfectly than I could ever plan things and that he is truly my forerunner.

I found out later from a friend less fortunate that was trying to fly out of San Francisco the same time I was that day that didn't get to fly out till the next morning. WOW! I got home, an hour earlier and made a great lead that turned into a booking.
















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Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

Capture. Create. Discover.
Something Amazing!

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