Thursday, August 26, 2010

"I see you were the photographer for Scott Morbach..." WHAT???


Scott apparently has a LOT of friends, because I'm sitting in Starbucks yesterday meeting up with a photographer in Indiana going over details for a wedding she will be helping me photograph and right after the meeting is done I go to get another drink. The guy who is about to take my order says to me, "I see you were the photographer for Scott Morbach." I was so shocked I didn't even recognize Scott's last name when he said it and I just stood there and starred at him. He must have saw that my look was dazed because he's like, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to be noisy or anything I just couldn't help it with your screen right there and when I saw scott it caught my eye." (LOL. As a photographer I LOVE it for others to see my screen, that's not a problem!) Then it finally stuck me that this guy actually knows Scott! I was like, WHAT ARE THE ODDS?? lol. I drove an hour from my home in Illinois to Indian, I shot the wedding in Pennsylvania and I run into one of his friends who works at Starbucks less than a week later because he sees Scott on my screen. It blew me away! Come to find out this guy went to church with scott growing up and then also went to college with him. I love this tiny little crazy world we live in. You never know who you will run into. 


Lisa was one of those brides who would laugh at about anything keeping the spirits of everyone high around her. It was an honor and privilege to photographer her wedding. She did a good job of making the day a ton of fun and yet special for all who attended. 


Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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  1. those are gorgeous portraits. great lighting! (and yes, it's definitely a hilariously small world we live in. :)


  3. Amanda lisas brdsmd Lol! Wow...were u in merrillville's starbucks by any chance?