Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Model shoot

A couple weekends ago now (crazy how time flies -- is anybody else a little shocked that it's June already?) I had the opportunity to do a mock bridal session with a friend of mine. With the help of her sister and a super good photographer friend who was in town to work on some photo projects, we had a total BLAST of a session.

This whole thing came about when Caryn and I were talking about her senior portrait session a couple years back and she mentioned that she would totally be up for modeling for me. I was pretty excited about this because I'd been dreaming of doing more photography practice to push the limits on what I can do...and long story short(er) we all figured out a good day and met up in downtown Chicago for a fun time doing our mock bridal session.

I can't tell you how much fun it was to take an hour or two and just try different things that you would never have time for at your typical wedding. I find that at weddings you can plan and plan to have lots of time to take really nice photos of the bride and groom, but often things don't play out that way and you have to know how to milk 5 minutes of shooting time to get something amazing done. And that's cool! I like it when we have lots of time, but I believe that the photography still comes second to the couple having a good time, and it's just my job to make sure that I'm capturing every amazing moment of it. I'm not a fan of photographers who control the day in a way that makes the bride just want to get away from them. It breaks my heart to see photographers annoying their clients! Anyways! Listen to me preaching my heart out. lol. Sorry. So back to what this post is really about. :) We all met up and just tried a ton of crazy things. Some things I liked, some things I loved, some things I was like, "what was I thinking" and so forth and so on. :) But hey, it was a practice session. It's okay to try crazy things. That was very much the point of this session. Not to mention log some nice portfolio images along the way.

Well, look who it is, ME. lol. well, okay, it's ME and a couple extras. :) 

Caryn was so easy to photograph.

I've been throwing the idea around of doing another workshop this fall where we actually work with models and teach other photographers how to treat people, how to interact and pose their clients. And this was a fun way to experiment for that. 
If you would be interested in something like this let me know! I would really like the feedback. There's a million ways to contact me. Pick one or two. :) 

More photos to come of this session later. I'm pretty swamped right now. But it was a ton of fun! 

Caryn needed a quick shot with her phone, can you blame her? I'm sure all her friends were made very jealous shortly after. :) At least as a photographer I like to think that. 

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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  1. Oh so beautiful! I love looking at your pictures they always make my day a little happier.

  2. Um yes, I am very shocked we're 6 months into the year. It's kind of scary how fast time is flying. +_+

    The 2nd and 3rd pics are really, really great!

    You totally should do a workshop to teach peeps how to work with other people and interacting with their clients. You'd be really good at that!

  3. I would be TOTALLY interested in a workshop! Especially if it's in CO! :P Nice pics, can't wait to see more, like the one that you were taking in the top photo. :)

  4. Sarah, lol. The images I was taking in the image on the top are image number 2 & 3. :)

    Leah, I would love it. I'm thinking fall would be a good time. I'm getting kind of busy in the fall though. I don't know. We'll see.

  5. No, really? haha that's cool. lol