Thursday, February 18, 2010

My bro, Blake . . . the coolest speed skater.

I know Blake isn't at the Olympics this time . . . but it's never to soon to introduce you to the next Olympic Gold Medalist for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia, right? :) 

Tomorrow he starts a series of races . . . it's the US Jr Championships. Tomorrow he races in the 500m and the 3000m. Please keep him in your prayers. 


It was super fun to go to our local skating rink and set up a studio right on the ice to do these photos. It was great! Blake (a very likable guy) made friends with the manager of the ice rink. He asked if we could get in early some time and do a photo session on the ice, and the manager said yes! It was so much fun. At first we had some trouble getting the lights to work with us . . . but we got it figured out after some tweaking. But I got the photos I was after and that's all that mattered to me.




Have a great weekend, everyone! I'm not sure how much I'll get to post over the weekend since I'll be gone. Well, it's tired and I'm getting late . . . ;) 

Signing off for today. God bless your socks off,

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  1. S.w.e.e.t. lighting friend. Nice work!!

  2. Definitely the coolest speed skater! Love these pics!

  3. Thanks, guys! It was really a fun thing to do. . . a little nervous having all the equipment out on the ice . . . ya know? lol.

  4. Very, very, spectacular. Definite props to you both!

  5. Leah, it was fun to finally have some cool light on him. Where they skate the light is so blah most the pictures look the same to me . . . blah.

    Sarah, Thanks! I'm glad you like them. They are for his flier that he made to help him find sponsors . . . which he still needs.

    Beth, Thanks!

  6. Yeah, I've taken pics of my bros playing hockey at a rink and the lighting is, indeed, "blah". lol

  7. I'm bringing my camera if I post any of the pics you have to promise not to peek....there is just going to be no comparison between my pictures and yours!!! What kind of camera did you say you had? LOL

    Cousin Barb

  8. So when do we get to come take cool pix of Blake??! (o=

  9. Thanks Timothy! I appreciate that!

    Cousin Barb, I promise not to look. lol

    Philip! Tomorrow will work! Can you make it??? :)

  10. Hey Britt, how'd u do those background color like the first pic?

  11. Deb, black? I don't get your question I guess.