Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let's compare apertures on three shots, shall we?

"Aperture, what in the world is that anyways? Is that something that makes my pictures blurry if it's too small or big?" or "Is the bigger the aperture something to do with how much zoom you get from your camera?" Hahaha. I Love it. How many of you have had someone either ask you this or something similar or have wondered it yourself? For most of you it's really not a question you need to ever even worry about fully knowing. It's not that easy to manually adjust on most consumer point and shoot cameras. Leave it to your professional.

But for sake of interest. :) I figured I would show you an easy visual and maybe I will solve some of the mystery for you. Embarrassingly enough, I learn new things about aperture all the time myself. But here is a visual example of the difference in just a small range of apertures on my camera. For many of you, f/8 is what your camera will do for you all the time. And that's a nice all around. But just do give you an idea of range and what it looks like. I have each photo labeled with the aperture in which it was shot. See if you can figure out what the aperture or f/stop is doing to the image.

Here is the same flower with the same composition with just three different apertures. I hope you find it interesting and are a bit more enlightened as what is happening there.

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  1. what's the exposure, I'm assuming the same for each shot?

  2. Hi, Anonymous, ;)

    Yes, the exposure is the same for each.